Doctor Dad is an interactive online course packed with information that has immediate practical applications for new dads. In each lesson, you’ll learn things like how to care for a pregnant partner, how to calm a crying baby, the importance of skin-to-skin contact, child nutrition, how to take a temperature, and gun safety. Not only will we walk you through the practical hands-on skills of being a dad, but you will also go in-depth on topics like compassion, suffering, anger, and patience through a brief devotional at the end of each step. This course is a great first step in learning more about how to care for your child and pregnant partner and will equip you to embrace fatherhood with confidence!

24-7 Dad is a fatherhood program used by hundreds of organizations across the nation to improve the knowledge, behavior, and skills of dads of all races, religions, and demographics. The program is built on the basis that fathers can be nurturers, and nurturing is a learned skill for men. Throughout the program, men examine their own fatherhood history, learn the 5 characteristics of a 24-7 Dad, and other important behaviors such as working with mom and proper child discipline to help them be the best dads they can be.

This course is available Monday to Friday during regular business hours. The course can be conducted in individual sessions or in group format.

Completion of Dr. Dad is a pre-requisite for this course. 

Fathering in 15 is an interactive online course that helps dads build skills anytime, anywhere. The course takes dads through 15 engaging topics, each in 15 minutes.

This course helps dads learn the importance of the Self Aware Father, which is at the foundation of a 24-7 Dad. Topics covered include family history, being a man and dad, handling emotions, grief and loss, your health, relationship with the mother, work-family balance, and more.

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Skylark also offers many individual classes covering a wide range of topics from pregnancy and development, basic infant and child care, and parenting skills.

If you’d just like to talk to someone, one of our male peer counselors would love to meet with you for a Fatherhood Mentoring session.

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