Fatherhood Program

Welcome to the Skylark™ Fatherhood Program , where men gather to help new fathers become involved, committed, and responsible dads. We are a group of men in southeast Georgia who know that, for most men, it is a whole lot easier to produce a child than to raise a child.

We also know that even though raising a child is hard work, it can be done with some help. For most men, the new dad experience is like being a carpenter without any tools. You will not build many houses without the power tools! Well, you can’t be a dad without the right tools. You CAN build a strong home with the right parenting and fathering tools.

You might say we are opening a brand new hardware store here in southeast Georgia. We won’t be selling the normal hardware, but we will be giving free workshops, equipment, and tools to build the fathering skills all men desire to share with their children. In the end, your home improvement project will bring you years of satisfaction.

Earn Rewards

Your attendance will even award you Daddy Dollars from our Earn While You Learn program, which will allow you or the mother of you child to purchase items such as clothing and food for your child free of charge.

Classes are held by appointment only. Most workshop series last 12 weeks, not including holidays. Contact Skylark™ to make your appointment. Fathers and fathers-to-be are invited to attend free of charge.

Learning Opportunities

Our men who lead the Fatherhood Program have had the honor of partnering and being trained by the National Fatherhood Initiative. As a result, they are able to provide two of their programs: Doctor Dad and 24/7 Dad. In addition, the Fatherhood Program has many of the  materials produced by the National Fatherhood Initiative available free of charge. For example, the daddy pack is a comprehensive package of  several materials to encourage your best parenting skills.

Doctor Dad        

Doctor Dad™ is a groundbreaking workshop that enhances a father’s parenting skills in caring for the health and safety of his infant or toddler. Fathers learn how to use basic medical knowledge to provide compassionate care, enabling them to handle the majority of medical situations that may arise as their children grow. Certified healthcare professionals, health educators, or other qualified persons teach this interactive workshop in four sessions, each lasting two to three hours. Doctor Dad™ delivers an interactive, structured learning experience.

The sessions include: 1) The Well Child; 2) The Sick Child; 3) The Injured Child; and 4) The Safe Child.

24/7 Dad Program

Fathers make a unique and invaluable contribution to the wellbeing of children. A father’s interaction with his children promotes healthy physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual development. Most fathers want to be the best father that they can be. But all too often, men grow up without a healthy role model of a father. Consequently, many fathers have the desire, but not the knowledge or skills, to be a great dad. 24/7 Dad is a unique, comprehensive set of fatherhood programs developed by a team of nationally and internationally recognized fathering and parenting experts.

If you’re a new dad, you’re not alone. Your friends at Skylark™ are here to give you free confidential counseling and support in a comforting environment. We’ll listen to you and help you develop positive solutions focused on the well being of you, your family, and your new baby.

The Fatherhood Program is one of many services we have to help you as a new parent. We will help you gain the confidence you need and empower you with the information and materials that will help you to be a GREAT DAD!