Serving at Skylark


We’re looking for someone just like YOU to be a part of this ministry! From meeting face-to-face with clients to stuffing envelopes in our mailings to organizing donations in the Boutique, there is a position for you here.

There are many tasks to be done at Skylark™ and none are to be considered more glamorous or more important than others. All are essential to the smooth operation of Skylark™. We hope you will come visit one of our centers and find which volunteer position might be best for you and your skills. If Christ has given you a passion for women and families in crisis, volunteer at your local pregnancy center. Just a few hours a month can have an everlasting impact.

Service Opportunities

There are many ways you can contribute your time to the ministry at Skylark™. Below is a brief overview of the variety of opportunities available for involvement.

Positions marked with an (*) indicate that additional in-house training is required.

  • Patient Advocate (peer counselor) *
  • Receptionist *
  • Clerical Assistant
  • Church Liason
  • IT Personnel
  • Mailing Helper
  • Medical Personnel *
  • Material Services (sorting clothing and baby items)
  • Table Host at Banquet
  • Cleaning Crew
  • Aquarium Care
  • Special Event Helper
  • Men’s Ministry
  • Teen Initiative Help
  • Ultrasound Technician *
  • Abortion Recovery Services *
  • Mobile Unit Pit Crew
  • Mobile Unit Driver
  • Mobile Unit Peer Counselor*