Ways to say “NO” to sex

Ways to say “NO” to sex

What do you do when you’re being pressured to have sex – but you don’t want to? Sometimes it can be hard to say no. If you mean “NO” then you should know exactly how to express “NO.” Here are some helpful tips to help you say “NO” to sex.

  • Make sure your body language is saying “NO.”

If your body language expresses flirtation or openness, even if your words say “NO” the person pressuring you might still see “YES” in your body language. Instead, stand firm, cross your arms, and have a serious expression on your face.

  • Use a strong tone of voice.

Speak up! If you mean “NO” then make sure you say it loud and clear! If you have to shout, do it. No one should be able to force you to do what you don’t want to.

  • Repeat the refusal.

If someone is pressuring you, they probably won’t just ask you once. They’ll keep asking until you give in. Don’t just say “NO” once. Keep repeating it until they get the idea.

  • Delay or buy more time.

Come up with an excuse to get you out of the situation. For example, “sorry, I have homework” “I have to get up early for work” “I have to buy groceries.”

  • Suggest an alternative.

Recommend something fun to do INSTEAD of sex. Good examples include going out for dinner, watching a movie, going to a sporting event, or going out with friends. Remember, the best way to avoid being pressured into sex is to avoid situations that would lead to sexual pressure. If you know that the person you’re with has sex on their mind, don’t go with them to places you know you’ll be alone. Stay in control of your actions by avoiding substance use. Have a backup plan and a friend to call if you need help. Keep yourself safe.

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